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The Plan

What I intend to do is to create and in home test lab that I can use to test and develop DSC.  I’m basing my lab from Greg Altman excellent post over on PowerShell.org

The only exception I to this is that I have 2 machines to use a Hyper-V hosts. Now the second one I plan on installing Nano if/when it got into preview. Baring that I will use Hyper-V server 2012 R2.

Now to keep the lab services into the virtual realm as Greg mentioned, _and_ use two hosts. I have spend the weekend trying to create a vyos VPN tunnel between two isolated networks.

Needless to say not everything go according to plan. the Tunnel reports the link is up, but their is no traffic between network.

I have already wasted most of the weekend on this, so I’m going to move forward for now with with out the VPN.  It’s not like I need it yet.

So, onward.

I’m going to first build a windows 8.1 dev PC by hand, and load the PowerShell.org DSC tooling on it. From there I can build configs for building a as much of the rest of the environment as possible.

I hope to have a Pull Server, DC, PKI CA, up first, then move on to other servers that I can use to build resources for.

I have been running DSC in production for the last year, and I hope I can share may experience via a how to for a test environment and how it relates back to problems in the enterprise.

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